an EARLY ADOPTER of social tv

  • Created first-ever Twitter account for an NBC show in 2008, for The Office (@theofficenbc). It would be the most followed TV comedy on Twitter for the subsequent three years.
  • Started the Parks and Recreation (@parksandrecnbc) Twitter account in 2009.
  • Under my management, The Office Facebook page broke 10 million likes in 2012.
  • Managed the social handles of both The Office and Parks until 2012.

Beyond the Show

  • Created and managed several character social handles, including:
    • The Office Twitter: Kelly Kapoor (@IAmKellyFierce), Erin Hannon (@IAmErinHannon), Ryan Howard (@veRY_ANgelic), Creed Bratton (@StreetCreed). Kelly, Erin and Ryan tweeted the backstory to Subtle Sexuality in real time, leading up to the web series' premiere. They would also tweet during and after episodes of the show, referencing plotlines and giving fans bonus content.
    • The Office Facebook: Subtle Sexuality - this was the band's official Facebook page, which took on a more conversational tone and promoted all aspects of band life according to Kelly. The Fist - a short-lived page created by characters Jim and Pam in order to oppose Dwight's demagogic management style
    • Parks and Recreation Twitter: Ron Swanson (@RonEffinSwanson), Tom Haverford (@TomHaverford). Now turned off, these accounts tweeted out new material referencing on-air plotlines. Unity Concert (@Unity_Concert) - the official account for the Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert.
    • Parks and Recreation Facebook: Knope 2012. The official Facebook page for Leslie Knope's election campaign.

Fan Engagement

  • In-Universe Social Networks: see Dunder Mifflin Infinity.
  • Social Hubs + Online Voting: see Pawnee Social.
  • Twitter Sweepstakes: Over the years we gave away signed scripts, show props and official merchandise through fan art submissions, retweet contests, and more.
  • Hashtag Challenges: Countless trending topics were launched during episodes after mentions made by the official show handles.
  • User-Generated Content: Challenges like The Office Fanisode, where fans of the show were given snippets of a script and shot their own version, allowing us to splice them all together to form a fan-created episode.