I was The Voice's first Digital Team Lead at NBC, and managed its 360 experience during its first two seasons (2011-2012). The original show producers from the Netherlands, Talpa, came to NBC.com in order to take their award-winning show to the next level. We executed a groundbreaking plan to seamlessly integrate the social experience into the show, something that had never been done before. This resulted in:

  • An embedded social team that worked on the set, posting the latest updates, behind-the-scenes photos, contests and other exclusive content, 24/7
  • Live tweeting from coaches and fans shown on-air in every episode
  • Live sentiment tracking displayed in a sponsored "social room," hosted by a social media correspondent
  • Live online voting to "save" an artist, whose results were revealed at the end of an episode
  • Voting on multiple platforms, including the NBC app, website, Facebook and iTunes
  • Artist blogs, Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • Fan-submitted auditions using a custom tool that would analyze and rate users' pitch

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